Off to Meeru Island: 8 Tricks to Recognize Your Suitcase

On Meeru Island, you can enjoy adventurous water sports like scuba diving or relax in a spa. But you may face the same problem at Malé International Airport that everyone faces at some airport or the other_ “How do I recognize my suitcase?

You need to personalize your luggage so that it looks unique and different from others’. Decorate it in a way that represents your personality!

What can I put on my suitcase to make it stand out?” you must be asking yourself. Well, bring out your creative side, and let’s get ready for some action!

1. Make it look pretty

First, take a scarf or a piece of cloth or a big ribbon. The color is of your choice, but it’s best to pick something that’s light-colored. Anything on the lines of light blue, green, or yellow would be eye-catching. Then tie it around the handle of your suitcase in a pretty bow or as you want.

Make sure that it’s not tied in a loose way, or else it might come off any time, and then you’ll be back to square one.

You can also braid many ribbons of different colors together, and wrap them around your suitcase handle. There’s color for you!

2. Stick the stickers

Add all kinds of colorful labels and stickers, large and small, all over your suitcase or just on one side, if you want. But this is going to work only if your suitcase is a hard-shelled one. Its hard surface makes it easy for these stickers to stay in place, though some of them might fall off with travel.

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ll know that buying stickers from the places you travel to can be real fun!

It also helps you keep your memories from the places you’ve traveled to, and you’ll want to remember your time on Meeru Island for sure!

3. Wow others with your artistic skills

Here’s your chance to show off your flair for the arts to everyone else at the airport and at your resort on Meeru Island. All you need to paint on your suitcase is some fabric paint and a paintbrush to get you started.

Do your favorite patterns, images of flowers, birds or tree branches, emblems like the Batman logo (If you’re a fan. I know I am!), or whatever you feel like.

You can also use an airbrush or some spray paint, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a pro! What matters is whether you paint patterns or images that you can easily spot from a distance.

4. Tag the handle

Get a couple of colorful custom luggage tags and tie them onto your suitcase handle. You can buy a tag that’s got your favorite travel quotes on it. Or go for one with pretty designs or patterns you fall in love with.

tag your suitcase handle@Wanderro
You can even make some tags on your own!

Next, write your name on the back of the tag. If your suitcase gets exchanged with someone else’s, that person can contact the airport authorities so you can get it back.

Don’t share any personal information like your address. You can add your phone number in case your luggage gets lost, but do so at your own risk.

5. Swag it up with duct tape

Travelers mostly use duct tape on the handles of their suitcases. But if you’re feeling bold and venturesome, why not try adding duct tape to the entire suitcase?

If it’s a colored or one with polka dots or other special patterns, you can cover your suitcase with it or just one side of it.

Line its sides with the tape or make patterns on one side like a square, a rectangle, or in whatever shape you like. This is sure to make your luggage stand out in a crowd!

6. Strap on those belts

Wrapping a colorful luggage belt around your suitcase is going to serve two purposes. One, it’s going to make it easy for you to pick out your suitcase from all the other luggage at the airport. Two, it can stop your suitcase from cracking open any time, keeping safe all you’ve packed inside your suitcase for your trip to Meeru Island.

But what if you find two identical suitcases with luggage belts? Or you forget the color of the belt you had wrapped around yours? It’s a far-fetched situation, but you never know!

To avoid this, wrap many luggage belts of different colors around your baggage.

7. Your initials are…?

A very simple way to differentiate your suitcase from the rest is by embedding your initials on it. If it’s a soft shell suitcase, then you can sew your initials on the front or wherever you want. But the thread you’re going to use should be of a bright color that’s different from the color of your suitcase.

For instance, it’s no use sewing your initials with pink thread onto a red soft shell suitcase. You can’t spot it from a distance because it won’t stand out.

Use white thread to sew on a black suitcase, pink thread on a blue one, blue on pink, yellow or red on blue, green or yellow thread on purple_ you’ll get the hang of it.

If your suitcase has a hard shell, daub your paintbrush in some fabric paint and write your initials on the side. Give it more than one coating to make it appear legible, and leave it to dry.

8. Sparkle sparkle!

sequins on suitcase
Get multi-colored sequins

How would it be if you could make everyone wonder whether you’re a pop star? Great, right?Then you can add sequins to the side of your suitcase with glue!

But how do you glue sequins? The best way is to use a glue gun. Squeeze out tiny drops of glue on the back of each sequin, and paste them on your suitcase.

So that the sequins don’t fall off, put some glue on the side of the suitcase where you’re going to add sequins and dab the back of each sequin with some glue. Then press the sequins on the side of your suitcase till some of the glue squirts out through the tiny hole at the center of each sequin.

Once you’re done gluing them on, leave the luggage out in the sun to dry. What you get is a beautiful sparkling suitcase that nobody can take his or her eyes off of!

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